Autumn Cruise to Hertford

At the end of September a group of us went up to St. Margarets by train in order to help Adnan to move the boat. We arrived with delay, had to fix the solar panels on the roof first before we could start with cruising. Our friends boat ‘Blue Morn’ was towed together with Quintessence, this is how we headed up north.

It is a beautiful part of the River Lea Navigation, we passed Ware, a small town with beautiful houses along the canal. The canal itself transforms into a rural one, no more metal or concrete banks, instead they became natural. Up in Hertford the canal was so ‘wild’ that a big flock of geese on the other side of the canal found it suitable for their resting place.


We went shopping for the off gird life. Most importantly solar panel, all the electrics, and an electricity generator. Our Vetus engine is in a very good shape, dragging two boats along.