Broxbourne without Blue Morn in tow

This journey to Broxbourne we did without Anton, he and his boat were still in the Marina as next to the paint job he also needed to sort out his engine. It was a happy trip, Natascha didn’t even mind working the locks by herself. We also both like to be moored up in Broxbourne.

We moored opposite the local Rowing Club and whilst their training the boat was rocking quite heavily.

It’s a really lovely spot on the river Lee Navigation, surrounded by beautiful nature, yet we can easily reach London with the train. This also meant friends could easily visit us for a weekend in nature. Patrizia & Andrea came around for a two day visit when Adnan was away, this way we managed to fit in the boat.

We went for a long walk, we thought, it started raining like crazy and we had to return back despite the heavy down pour. Soaking wet as we were, we had to put the stove on even though it was June. The visual aftermath of the deluge was stunning though.