The End of River Stort Navigation

Our next journey was to the end of the River Stort Navigation, we had to go all the way up to Bishop’s Stortford. We had another amazing cruising day, summer was still going strong, but we had a bit an anti-climax when we arrived. The visitor moorings there are not particularly nice. After having spent time in the beautiful nature going back to a more urbanised environment wasn’t exactly great. But we had to stay there as my sister was about to visit us and had her hotel booked in Bishop’s Stortfod.

Here a few video clips from the cruise:

And here Natascha’s sister roaming around with her in the country side. She’s much younger than Nat and loved to come for a visit to crazy London. It was a suitable antidote to where she lives in Switzerland. And now, this….

Well, now this is the shopping destination of the moment…