Some impression from Cheshunt and Walthamstow Abbey

Earlier this month we were back in Cheshunt as we are in process to slowly move back to Central London for the autumn/winter time. We met up again with Anton, his boat in new glory, new lick of paint and the engine refurbished. He was about to go abroad and we helped out with looking after his boat, we also took her with us to Walthamstow Abbey.

It seems that every time we moor in Cheshunt we are blessed with rain. After a decent summer the rain started here. For the best part of our time in Cheshunt it rained, it was very damp inside, outside, everywhere. This is not easy on the body, humidity creeping in from every pore.

The sky had mercy with us and stopped temporarily during a full moon night and the light was magic.

In Waltham Town autumn from its misty side.

And a young swan, guess not cygnet any more, is looking for food in the canal. They come knocking on the boat sometimes begging for food, the golden rule is: don’t feed them. Not just for their health, but also for the boaters safety!