Every sun ray counts

Time has come, London we are coming back to town! After months out in the country side we were looking forward to be back again and mingle with fellow boaters and to be close to friends over winter. But but but… it was bloody difficult to find a suitable spot to moor. And this in Tottenham?! There were so many boats doubled up already. We did find a place after all. It became clear to us for the next six month or so space will be scarce, nothing like being on your own in nature.

And it is beginning to be cold. We felt the cold creeping in from the bottom and the mattress turned out to be not thick enough. We were freezing in bed. Natascha spoke to a friend, who once lived on a boat too, and she recommended to get a sheep wool mattress topper. Devon duvets does the trick. Not cheap but heavenly warm.

Even the cat enjoys the rare sun rays in full.