Reflections – Broadway Market, home sweet home?

Now it definitely feels like home! Just shy of one year on the boat & we are back at Broadway Market… but but but mooring up along the canal stretch of Andrews Road is a totally different case than walking along it. The tow path for a bargee is also a lawn or a porch or something the like. But here it feels more like a dog toilet. Frankly, it is unpleasant to stay here and regularly stand in a pile of shit.

The rubbish created along the trendy areas in London is astounding and Broadway Market is one of it. Bargees are regularly reminded that life is a precarious one, rubbish bins are removed so that we don’t know where to dispose of the rubbish that we create. Why is it ok then, that on a sunny Saturday this a mess is created next to the canal?

Not by bargees but by pedestrians along Regents Canal. See the sticker on the rubbish bin? This bin is maintained by the CRT and is meant for bargees too.

This is a part of Regent’s Canal where you can only stay for seven days, though we weren’t too sad when those days were up. We went up Acton Lock opposite the newly created Talavera Mooring, a prime CRT property. Bargee hyper-commercialization at its worst. A bidding system was introduced for that mooring, eleven berths went to the highest bidders. Some went for over £1000 / month. It seems that the house price madness affects the fixed moorings in this area too, or is it just an opportunistic venture?