De Beauvoir Town – renovation, stage 1

We arrived in De Beauvoir Town, where our dear friends from Urban Upholstery have their shop. The time has arrived for the interior renovation of the boat. There was a lot of work ahead of us – carpets had to be ripped out, cladding put up, new solid wood flooring to be laid etc. One week, many tasks.

The downside was, that Natascha was diagnosed with lyme’s disease and wasn’t exactly in ‘renovation’ shape. Adnan on the other hand was in top form, cutting and hammering like there was no tomorrow, just at the paint job he wasn’t excelling. Well, that was Natascha’s task then, quietly painting the cladding. And our friends from UU upholstered the sofa, made cushions – all in all it went smoothly and Quintessence looked transformed, that stinking awful carpet was finally gone, she looks much brighter, finally a boat to live in, see for yourself: