One week in Angel

On the way to Angel, we had to stop at the water point near City Road, Panayotis from Mazi was having a stroll along the tow path. Adnan discussed with Panayotis how to integrate the MAZI research into the boattr project, innstalling the first MAZI toolkit on Quintessence when it becomes available.

Angel/Islington moorings are rather beautiful, located just before the tunnel, but it is a 7 day stay only. We were lucky and found a spot next to Adam a fellow boater whom we’ve seen before. Shortly after we arrived his carbon monoxide alarm went off and he stormed out of the boat, there was a problem with the gas cylinder or pipe or something. And he had to go away, abroad, as in now! Natascha agreed to look after his boat and wait for the Calor gas mechanic to come and have a look. So, Mr Calor Gas arrived later that evening from quite afar to find out that the gas cylinder was in fact – empty! The very last gas squeezing itself out stinks and can increase the carbon monoxide… we learned something new and very useful, indeed!

‘Angelic’ spring light coming through the window…

Boat neighbours having fun with cutting wood, most probably annoying people from the posh houses above… but hey, work has to be done.