Paddington Basin – in the midst of it

It was a really nice cruising day, we passed Crazy Camden Town first, then London Zoo, beautiful Little Venice, turned right into Paddington Basin and there we were. Right in the midst of it! It is indeed a very special place to moor up, so central and right next to St. Mary’s Hospital. When we had the door and windows open we could hear the beeping of the various life support machines…

Paddington Station is also just a stone’s throw away, hence it’s rather easy to go to work for once. It was easy to do food shopping, of course and a good launderette was around the corner too. Shame only that the mooring there is another 7 days one only.

If Battle Bridge Basin was swanky, what is Paddington Basin mooring? Futuristic? That is how it looks on a sunny day:

And that on an overcast day (the building on the right being St. Mary’s Hospital):

Mirza, the cousin of Adnan, came to visit us, he was on a business trip to London. He was quite amazed about the location, less about the size of the boat though.