Braunston Tunnel & a stop over at Braunston Marina

Braunston tunnel is over 1.8 kilometre long, has a curve somewhere, water gushes down the ceiling and walls – basically it’s an adventure to pass through it. On top, if another boat passes it requires a good wiggle for them to pass each other. We managed.

We were quite relieved when we reached the end of it. 1.8 kilometre have never felt so long. And yes, there is that famous light at the end of every tunnel…

We moored up at Braunston visitor moorings, actually we were lucky to find a spot at all, July is high time. We headed straight out to the marina, we had some work to be done. The back hatch needs fixing and our very old oven had to be replaced. We were strolling around Braunston Marina and came across Carl. Firstly, Braunston is a fantastic Marina, secondly Carl is the most helpful person one can wish for. Quick chat with his mates and we were asked to move Quintessence into the marina. And we moored next to a beautiful old and restored barge. We love Quintessence but check out Monarch!

Braunston Marina at Dusk

And our shiny new oven, installed by Carl. What a pleasure to look at and more importantly to cook with. Worth every penny and it wasn’t cheap.