Already May, change is in the air

It’s been an eventful time, May is here already and change is in the air. That’s usually the case when spring arrives but there is more to it. We are back from our Japan trip and things on Natascha’s side are as much up side down as this tree.

Japan was amazing, but had it’s problems. Natascha didn’t return perfectly rested and healthy. It’s related to her work, she ended the working in London abruptly upon returning from the trip.

Yes, Japan, the land of the raising sun, Mount Fuji and…

… Trump crackers.

Even the colour scheme of the packaging and the cracker itself is fitting. Different shades of orange. We wondered whether they relate to Trump? We didn’t like them, not our taste at all, same like the other name bearer.

Everything is in flux all the time. There were changes in Kingswood Basin too, when we came back Simon, our neighbor, moved on the other side of the pontoon. All of a sudden we had lots of light inside the boat, that was a great improvement.

Light falls on messy shelf unit.

A tender moment. White feather on blackened steel – pictorial poetry on a barge.

We only hope, she wasn’t the reason the feathers were on the boat… that feisty little one, sometimes.