Family visit from Ellen and Nils

We managed to arrange a short visit of Adnan’s mum and brother Nils to come to see us. Albeit, they had to stay in a hotel near by, there isn’t enough space for two more people to stay over. Moreover it was such a hot weekend, it was baking inside the boat, this could have been a real issue for our two guests.

It really was two glorious days and the boater life showed itself from the most beautiful side. We were cruising from below Knowle lock back to Kingswood with the two of them. Halfway through we did a pit stop and had lunch.

Dyson’s other function, the cooling one, came into force once we were back from the cruising trip. We not only had to cool down ourselves but also the inside of the boat.


Adnan gave a brief mazizone workshop introducing our guests to the guest book and the NextCloud sharing functions of the Kingswood Basin mazizone.