Flecknoe notes

On the way to Flecknoe, a dead bush invaded by spiders.

Just after Calcutt Locks, which where the last locks we worked (for the rest of our lives?) we reached Napton Junction where we had to turn into Oxford Canal in direction of Braunston. We wanted to make a pit stop and once again the cat escaped into the bushes. So, we had to wait.

Which also meant time to catch up on emails…

But once the escapist was back we continued towards Flecknoe, our destination for the day, where Adnan was so exhausted he immediately fell asleep once we found our mooring spot.

It was still raining, it’s British summer after all, but rain drops look good on a perfectly painted boat.

Even the antennae looks good, the solar panels got a good wash…

And Behemoth, aka Sava, in her element.

We will have two days to pack most of our stuff and to stack up the card board boxes will be quite a challenge in that small space.