Braunston Marina – final stop

It was an emotional journey not least also because the sun came out and it was glorious cruising weather. The cruise was easy, no more locks and a prime canal section. We ended our boater life on a top note.

That was it on 2 July 2017 ‘living on the cut’ ended for us.

It was a lovely, often demanding time. We had happy moments, sad ones too. Challenges abound, how will we look back on those in a few years time?

Because now, a new chapter is ahead of us. A new country, culture and climate. And definitely more living space.

But one thing we know, there will be times we will miss Quintessence, she was a hidden queen.

There was a comforting thought, at least she’s in good hands with Braunston Marina.

And we wish the new owner best of luck.

Adnan dismantled the three projects ‘boattr’, ‘mazizone’, and ‘7067 – It’s not a Test’: