Journey to De Beauvoir – first cruise as bargees


This is a trip of 7 furlongs and 1 lock from Broadway Market Visitor Moorings to Whitmore Road Bridge No 43 travelling west on the Grand Union Canal (Regent’s Canal).

This will take 31 minutes.


Grand Union Canal (Regent’s Canal)
From Broadway Market Visitor Moorings (7 day moorings) to:
Whitmore Road Bridge No 43

Whitmore Road
7 furlongs, 1 lock


Total distance is 7 furlongs and 1 lock.

This is made up of 7 furlongs of broad canals; 1 broad lock.

This will take 31 minutes. For initial calculation purposes (before adjusting for such things as overnight stops) this is taken as 1 day of 31 minutes.

We stayed in our old neighbourhood for two weeks but the time was up, we had to move. Luckily the next stop was in De Beauvoir Town, this is where my friends have their upholstery workshop. And it’s still in Hackney, we didn’t have to leave ‘my beloved’ borough just yet. It was a short cruise and De Beauvoir Town was one of Antonios’ favourite mooring. Our friend, who stayed on the boat prior us moving in permanently, came along.