MAZI Monday

The MAZI toolkit/mazizone is running stable on Quintessence. We have been using WordPress successfully as our boat log and research journal. We now intend to look into the NextCloud sharing app and GuestBook app for our home ‘Kingswood’ basin.

All the guides can either be found on GitHub or at the page of our partner University of Thessaly (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering).

The app is now available! Please download and install for Android phones and tablets.

During the recent dash to prototype the Anchorholds app for Creeknet, we have been chopping up html and processing images to retrofit our fork of Open University project Salsa.

This requires rewriting of the templates to build the first 16 sets of pages with matching images etc. One can’t say it’s been easy collaborative process, even with great services at hand from Sandstorm, so thanks to all concerned for their tireless support and patience.

Overall we were getting on fine with Sandstorm until some gremlins in the Davros share, made the files read only! With time lapping at our heels we made a switch to Google Drive to complete the task but got into a synchronisation battle with one another. In the end we have resolved to build a staging server from where future versions of the app html will be tested. This could all have been handled better, so lessons learned!

We will also be looking into combining the boattr project and the mazizone over the sensors and data collection services.


Manage the sensors attached on the Raspberry of the MAZI toolkit.


For the interaction with the sensors attached on the MAZI toolkit you can use the MAZI backend script Check more info here.


Examples of usage:

  • Take measurements from sensehat each 2 seconds for the next 10 seconds
sudo bash -n sensehat -d 10 -i 2
  • Display the status of the sensehat module
sudo bash -n sensehat -a
  • Take measurements from sensehat each 2 seconds for the next 10 seconds and store them in the database
sudo bash -n sensehat -d 10 -i 2 -s


Install requirements

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install speedtest-cli


For checking statistics of this MAZI node you can use the MAZI backend script Check more info here.

Examples of usage:

  • Display the CPU core temperature
sudo sh -t
  • Display the CPU core temperature and store it in the database
sudo sh -t -s
  • Display the RAM usage, the % of available space and the currently connected users of this MAZI Zone
sudo sh -r -s -u

Mazi partners from Greece, Switzerland and Germany met with local artists, campaigners and residents from along Creekside.

Many people living on the boats moored at the Theatre Arm of the creek in Lewisham and Brookmarsh Estate in Greenwich face disruption as developer proposals challenge mooring arrangements and stir up anxiety for future security. Veteran mariners aired their concerns and expressed insight into the legal options and tactical steps they have taken to protect themselves.

Rising shore-side land values are driving a scramble for last scraps. Rents continue to speed beyond reach for all but the few.